Benefits of a in dash car DVD player GPS DVB-T DVBT stereo

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More than just music; Car Stereos for Communication and Maps

Car Stereos have now successfully developed to become DVD players as well as they now come with Bluetooth, and GPS, aiding in your communication and also on your travel. Entertainment has incredibly leveled up from music audio to videos, from AM/FM stations and Cassettes, to CD audio and DVD videos, giving the consumer a much feel on real entertainment. A whole new entry of fun and excitement as the thought of being able to:
  • Watch movies and video clips on your car, even sing-a-long with a large variety of karaoke songs with players that have microphone.
  • Bluetooth sync with phones for communication or even music and pictures.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) technology for easy travel.
  • Plug in your ipod and listen to all you favorite songs without taking your hands off the wheel.
More than just entertainment, car stereos of today has come to offer much convenience in terms of communication with its highly defined Bluetooth technology, this integration with an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances via radio waves from mobile devices allows car owners to synchronize their phones via Bluetooth to make calls or even receive calls, more than its features on call synchronization, it also allows car owners to play music via their mobile phones right out of the Car Stereos.

Above all, the nicest feature is Bluetooth technology synchronized in mobile phones so you can call using voice recognition technology which makes it safer for car owners to drive and communicate at the same time. The other really cool Bluetooth feature is all the songs on you mobile device can be played through your car speakers. When not in my car, I love listening to my iphone (like most people), then the coolest thing is when I get back in my car and turn on the ignition the Car DVD Player Bluetooth picks up the iphone and the continues playing the same song diverted to my car speakers without skipping a beat, it's very convenient.

GPS or Global Positioning System technology has also come to one with Car stereos, it is a system that is navigated with the use of a global satellite that provides reliable time and location information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near land, and is freely accessible by anyone with a GPS receiver, this technology aids in our travel as it points a driver to where he is exactly integrated with maps to see how far he is from his destination and origin.
It’s just incredibly cool to think that such of a device packed with so much entertainment and convenience is real; a CD and DVD Player with a Bluetooth and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology in your car, makes a safer travel with GPS and from being, a whole lot easier communication while driving, a more fun travel with a CD and DVD player all over the world.

With all these functions such as: Car DVD and CD player, GPS, Digital TV, SD card and USB reader, ipod and iphone connectivity, all built into one very cool box, you won't want or need anything other form of entertainment in your car.



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