Best Baby Toys for 6- to 12-Month-Olds

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Between the ages of six and 12 months when brain development, coordination and motor skills develop, babies need a lot of stimulation. The more appropriate stimulation a baby gets now, the better-equipped he or she will be to crawl, socialise, and eventually walk and talk.

Playing with some of the following baby toys can help young children develop during this crucial period of life. These toys are just as important as all of the other essentials like cribs, car seats, and baby strollers for the child's health and happiness.

Rattles and Noisemakers

Rattles and Noisemakers Rattles may sometimes drive parents mad, but they're important educational toys that promote babies' development. By shaking a rattle, a baby begins to learn that he or she can make something happen in the world. A rattle is the baby's first experiment with making noise start or stop, it also helps him or her practise motor skills such as grabbing, holding, and moving an object.

Teething Rings

Teething Rings Teething rings are a must, both for baby's comfort and Mum or Dad's sanity, when children's teeth begin growing in at around four to six months of age. Teething rings and other chewable toys can help ease the discomfort; children will enjoy biting on them and playing with the part that protrudes from their mouth as they bite. The bright colours and unusual shapes that are so common in teething rings also help children also begin the process of recognising objects, colours and shapes.

Interactive Toys

Interactive Toys Children older than six months should be encouraged to play with interactive toys that play music, light up, or otherwise react to being touched, hugged or moved. Children will be delighted by the different sounds or colours the toy displays. These toys also help them discover their own power to make things happen, and provide visual and auditory stimulation to aid in brain development.


Jumperoos Jumperoos, or stationary seats that the baby can sit and bounce himself in, are recommended for children between the ages of six and 12 months. These toys provide a safe place for parents to place their children when they cannot watch them. Most jumperoos also have knobs and buttons on the tray surrounding the seat, the child can manipulate these to turn on lights or make music play. Jumperoos are one of the most popular items people search for on eBay because of their many benefits for young children.

Soft Dolls

Soft Dolls This is a good age to introduce soft dolls. Obviously, a child this young will not name the doll or play with her the way an older child does, but young children still enjoy the sensation of hugging or holding a soft doll. Getting the child used to the doll now makes it more likely that he or she will enjoy imaginary play with the doll later on.

Board Books

Board Books Very young children enjoy flipping pages and looking at pictures in board books. These books may have different textures embedded into the pages, which children love to touch. This also helps children learn, at this age they need to experience different sensations in order to facilitate discovery of the world around them.

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