Best In-Ear Headphones of 2014

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Many people prefer in-ear headphones because they are portable, compact, and provide excellent sound quality. Because of the rise of the first iPod and other MP3 players, the market for comfortable headphones has exploded. Essentially, in-ear headphones or earbuds are small and fit directly in the outer ear. Because it can be difficult to find the right type of headphone, a myriad of websites such as eBay provide guides to aid in the buying process. Since they fit directly inside the ear, it is important to choose an in-ear headphone that is comfortable to wear and snug enough that it will not fall out.

Velodyne vPulse

Velodyne vPulse Long known for manufacturing excellent subwoofers, Velodyne is a new player in the headphone market. True to the brand's reputation, these headphones deliver excellent sound quality and differentiation of musical notes that is not often heard in other similarly priced products. Because the earbuds are slightly larger than the average in-ear headphones, some people may not be able to find a comfortable fit. However, the earbuds come in four different sizes and each set has a total of 10 ear tips for replacement when the old ones wear out.

Shure SE425

Because of the unique design of the headphone, it can be a bit difficult to insert the earbuds properly in the ear. To achieve a secure fit, the headphones have to be twisted into the ear in just the right spot. Once a person figures out how to fit it in the ear, wearing the headphones becomes much more comfortable. Each set of headphones includes a zippered case, ear wax-cleaning tool, and a fit kit with small, medium, and large ear tips.

Bose S1E2

Best for an athlete, these Bose in-ear headphones are sweat proof and water resistant. The purchase of these earphones includes a Reebok armband that can be used for a portable music device like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. The headphones are comfortable to wear and come in three different adjustable sizes. Because these headphones rest on the top of the ear, ambient noise is still able to be heard. However, if wearing these outdoors on a run, it is important to be able to hear oncoming traffic.

Westone 2 True-Fit

The Westone 2 True-Fit headphones come with a multitude of ear tips and are available in several sizes. Because of the light weight of the earphones, they comfortably sit over the top of the ear with the tip resting just inside the ear. Some users may find that the 50-inch wire is too long and cumbersome for their taste, but they do include controls to adjust the volume and bass of the music.


Given that the headphone industry is constantly changing, manufacturers are frequently updating their technology. When shopping for an in-ear headphones, the most important factor should be the fit. Not only should wearing in-ear headphones be comfortable, it should also not feel like the earbuds are going to fall out. When shopping, be sure to test the headphones by listening to your favourite songs. Listen for the earbuds to pick up key notes while delivering excellent sound quality.

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