Best Sellers Top 5 Nexus Cases

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When it comes Android, the Nexus is Google's flagship product. Although the product line started out in 2010 with only smartphones, it has since evolved to include high-tech tablets. It's the useful and affordable cases, however, that really round out these high-end devices.
Minisuit Keyboard Case

Minisuit Keyboard Case Although many find that the Nexus 7 outshines the Galaxy Tab 2 in a variety of areas, it's accessories like the Minisuit Keyboard Case that really make the Nexus stand out. This case basically turns the Nexus into a mini laptop. It's low-priced and serves as a docking station with a full Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard. Clocking in with 60 days of standby power, which provides 55 hours of typing, this case simply cannot be missed.

Everything Tablet 360 Rotating Case

The greatest accessories, like the Everything Tablet 360 Rotating case, add new functionality to electronics. It allows the Nexus to stand up in either landscape or portrait view, but it's circular hinge, which allows the Nexus to be rotated to any angle, is what really grabs a person's attention. The inner cover of the plastic shell is made of soft microfiber, and the case is designed to wake up the Nexus when opened and put it to sleep when closed.

i-Blason Slim Folio Case

i-Blason Slim Folio Case Proving that low cost can still buy quality, the i-Blason Slim Folio Case has a microfiber-lined cover and a hard back that allows the Nexus to be popped in easily. The cover also works with the automatic wake and sleep functions of the tablet. Additionally, the case allows for landscape viewing, and although it's made from polyurethane, it looks like a much more expensive leather case.

Waterfield Tablet Ultimate Sleeve Case

When it comes to Nexus tablet cases, it's hard to get much better than the Waterfield Tablet Ultimate Sleeve Case. This the case for those who do extensive travelling. It has additional pockets for storing accessories and a charger, and its tough shell makes it ideal for those tossing their Nexus into their luggage before heading out on a long trip. Add this to the ultrasuede interior, which protects the screen from scratches, and this case doesn't leave much to be desired.

Chil Notchbook Case

Chil Notchbook Case Typical folio cases can be annoying thanks to the hinge on the case. Holding the tablet in portrait view becomes difficult and often requires folding the cover to the back. The Chil Notchbook Case, though, takes this annoyance out of the equation. A small section of the case actually folds away, and it's right where a person's hand would be placed when reading from their Nexus. This makes one-handed reading exceptionally easy, and since the case also acts as a stand and supports the tablet's auto wake/sleep function, it's an amazing find at a great price.
The Google Nexus is undoubtedly one of the top tablets on the market. Coming from a product line that created some of the greatest smartphones out there, this should really be no surprise. When purchasing a tablet, though, there's little doubt that a case is essential. And when it comes to the best on the market, the aforementioned cases rank highly.

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