Best Time To List To Get A Better Sale Price!

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Ready to list your item? always think before you press submit!

If it is very early in the morning or really late at night do you think that when your item ends which will be the same time just add a few days, that you will have a bidding war and get a great price for your treasures? NO

Going on my personal research, asking people that sell often or alot and doing the occassional sale myself i have learnt the following things (i hope they help)-

1. Dont list at a ridiculous hour, people sleep! and you dont get the last minute bids to bump up the price!
2. Have your item end at around 7.30pm this way people are home from work, dinner is done, and littlies are down for the count and Mum and Dad are free to surf and bid in comfort. (traffic at those times are huge!)
3. Try and have your item end on a Sunday thru to Thursday, people tend to go out on fridays and saturday nights!

Anyways hope that helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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