Best Ways to Clean Your Car's Carpets

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Best Ways to Clean Your Car's Carpets

The pleasure of driving a beautiful car is notably lessened if the interior carpet is messy and stained. Fortunately, maintaining car carpets in good shape is easy with the tools and products now available online. Here is a quick guide to keeping car carpets in their optimum condition.


Remove All Loose Objects

The first step to cleaning automobile carpets is to simply go through and pick up anything by hand that's too big to vacuum up. With the number of hours that many people spend in their cars, an astounding variety of food, change, paper products, toys, and miscellaneous items find their way onto the floor of the car. For future purposes, the level of ongoing debris can be lessened by purchasing a car organiser and a vehicle rubbish can.


Vacuum the Carpets

Remove any loose rubber mats and vacuum under them, using attachments to reach into all the narrow spaces. It's possible to vacuum the car while it's at a commercial car wash, but car owners can save money by purchasing their own car vacuum to use whenever the need arises. If the owner has a vacuum handy in the garage, it's easy to take care of any unusual spills or dirt as soon as the trip is over. Wash the rubber mats with any good grease-cutting detergent, using the outdoor hose or a utility sink. These mats can be maintained in the best possible condition by applying shoe wax to them after they are washed and dried.


Remove Stains

After vacuuming the carpets, it will be obvious if there are problem stain areas. Keeping car carpets free of stains not only makes driving more pleasant, but it can actually add to the car's resale value. When buyers see an interior in good condition they naturally feel that the mechanical aspects of the car have been equally well-maintained. Many stain removers are specifically made for carpets. Any spray-on stain remover can be used, however.


Wash the Entire Carpet

There are many vehicle carpet cleaning products which are intended to be applied directly to the carpet. Some products include a stain remover in their formula, and others will be equally useful for cleaning the upholstery as well. A soft bristle scrub brush is essential for working out the dirt from heavily soiled areas.


Vacuum Up the Cleaning Solution

The final step in carpet cleaning is to remove the excess cleaning solution with a wet-and-dry vacuum. This type of vacuum cleaner has countless additional uses around the house, and can be found in the Home and Garden section of most stores.

Considering the amount of time most people spend inside their cars, it's worthwhile to take a few minutes every week to keep the vehicle interior clean and fresh.

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