Best record ever - What Color Is Love by Terry Callier

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In my humble opinon Terry Callier's 1973 soul, folk, jazz opus What Color Is Love is the greatest record of all time.

Terry Callier started his recording career in the mid 60's with an album of folk music. In the early 70s he was signed to Chicago's Cadet label, an offshoot of the Chess soul and blues hit factory. During his time at Cadet, Callier recorded three beautiful and sadly overlooked records. The 1973 release, What Color Is Love, is his masterpiece.

The album contains seven tracks in total:

  1. Dancing Girl
  2. What Color Is Love
  3. You Gonna Miss Your Candyman
  4. Just As Long As We're In Love
  5. Ho Tsing Mee (A Song Of The Sun)
  6. I'd Rather Be With You
  7. You Don't Care

Each track fits perfectly into an album which can be played again and again and will always remain fresh. It defies logic that What Color Is Love has remained in relative obscurity - even since its mid 90s rediscovery by a group of well known UK DJs. This album is in a class of its own and is a must for anyone who like soul, folk, funk, blues and jazz music. Throughout the album Callier weaves these related genres seemlessly.

If you were only allowed one record to take with you to a deserted island - forget Sgt Peppers or Pet Sounds - What Color Is Love is where its at.

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