Best way to get a bargain when buying jewellery

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Basically when buying gold or sterling silver jewellery on eBay the same rules applies whether your buying yourself a small piece of jewellery or for example like us buying from large manufacturers in Italy 100 of kilo's at a time . All jewellery is more or less measured in weight whether it be gold or silver which is measured in grams or diamonds which is measured in carats. The most important factor is basically the weight and to a lesser extent the style or manufacturing process in making the piece of jewellery.

So we suggest when comparing between sellers you read carefully what the item weighs and also taking into consideration the style but it will be the weight which will basically tell you more or less what you be receiving and what the piece of jewellery is worth.

We also understand this is a little hard to determine as most people haven't got the sort of scales we use in the jewellery trade, so a good idea before purchasing especially if its a expensive item would be is to go to a jewllery store and ask to see more or less a similar weighing piece of jewellery this will help you to know exactly more or less what you'll be receiving and if you have picked yourself a BARGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!.


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