Beware Fake Gold Plated GP EP NO HALLMARK Jewellery

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As much as I really don’t like writing this article it’s true that there’s sellers selling and deliberately misrepresenting Gold Jewellery on eBay

There are a number of ways this is being done but I’ll go through the most common things to look out for:

Gold Plating

We suspected a competitor of ours was selling plated items just from the prices that they seemed to be able to sell at. They could sell at a lower price continuously than our wholesalers could sell at and seemingly even below the price of the gold content of the items. So we bought one to see: GOLD PLATED but advertised as solid gold !!! please note this seller seems to have disappeared since that time but there's other that come and go as time goes along. Some come back again later with a different eBay User ID.

I suspect this of some other sellers as they can keep selling regularly at lower then the world price of gold, so either they own their own gold mine and they like to deliberately sell at a loss or it’s not true that their items are solid gold.

Solid Gold items will typically be hallmarked (stamped) with one of the following marks:
9K or 375
10K or 417
12K or 500
14K or 583
18K or 750
20K or 833
21K or 875
22K or 917
24K or 999

but beware if the item is stamped with ‘GP’ it means: Gold Plated

or if the number carried a ‘P’ suffix instead of a ‘K’ then this means plated too (eg 14P means plated with 14K gold) - same goes for 'EP' (means electro-plated - it's still gold plated)

No Hallmark at all almost nearly always means Gold Plating

Another dead give away that an item is gold plated is if the seller states on a ring that it cannot be resized. This almost always means Gold Plating.

‘Solid’ Bangles – a big problem

I have seen sellers selling Oil or Wax filled Bangles as ‘Solid Gold’. Many Bangles are hollow and these type of bangles are very easy to damage with bends or dints. You can have these oil filled or wax filled which does make them little more sturdy but they are definitely not ‘Solid Gold’.

You have to be very careful of the wording in some eBay Advertising, some sellers say ‘Solid Bangle’ meaning ‘inside the bangle is sold is because its wax or oil’, but this to me is deliberately being misleading as the very large majority of buyers would be thinking that they are buying a bangle that is solid gold all the way through we re you to cut it in half.



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