Beware Of This Ebay Seller tanik-bligh She Is A Con

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Beware of this seller!!! tanik-bligh

Just wanting to warn all fellow ebay members about this seller from Western Australia.
Tanika-Lee Blight operates on Ebay under the user name of tanik-bligh & she is good at conning people!
I brought a Samsung Galaxy S4 off her for my son's Birthday & within a day of receiving it the phone was reported stolen & blocked by Optus.
When confronted with this issue she refused to respond to me until I opened up a dispute,upon doing this she finally got in contact with me  to inform me that she had found the phone & how dare I accuse her of stealing said item(I won't bother adding all the foul language that she used)but upon further abuse from her she tells me that she found the phone at the casino!
Now I'm not sure what you would do but the logical thing is to hand the lost phone in to security not keep it to sell on Ebay for some easy money!
Anyway Ebay told me that if I am wanting my money back I have to send the phone back(not a wise choice as that means that Ebay doesn't care that it's stolen)So any way I send the item back(only problem here is package isn't big enough for tracking number)so it never got one(if I had checked receipt I would of known & paid extra for that)but with the new system with Australia Post(I thought all items now posted came with tracking numbers)(my foolish mistake)anyway getting back to the story,So even though I can be seen on security camera's at post office buying the small padded envelope & putting the phone in sealing it up than taking it to the counter handing it over paying then leaving this seems to be not enough evidence to win the dispute so seller get's dispute awarded in her favour(therefore I lose $213.99)we know through Aust Post that I sent item back as I can be seen on cameras doing so & we also know through Aust Post that item was delivered yet because we have no tracking number all the seller had to say was no Ebay I never received the phone back!
I know it sounds like I'm having a sook(& that's ok if that's what you think)!
But all I'm trying to do is warn other buyers on here to keep away from her check her feedback I'm not the first person that she has screwed over & I'm sure I won't be the last.
My only regret was not checking the receipt from the post office & giving her good feedback only to have the phone then get blocked an hour after leaving the good feedback.
Funny enough she has now not only Blocked me but she has left me bad feedback calling me a Stalker(cheeky little minx)yeh I staked her I tracked her down on Facebook as she refused to honer the refund as well as that I gave all info to the Police so they are now looking into her Dodgy dealings(I hope she gets whats coming to her)Karma is a bitch!
So please if you see something for sale that your interested in & it looks like her than read the feedback that has been left by other Ebay members that she scammed before wasting your money!!!
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