Beware of Fake Russian Orthodox Silver Icons

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Recently Ebay has been flooded with small solid silver Russian" traveling" icons.
Unsuspecting ebayers  bid hundreds of dollars on authentic antique Russian icon that originaly cost about twenty dollars or less because it is actually a FAKE.
Small Russian silver  icons, depicting various Saints are Modern Copies  and  has beeen  mass produced  in Eastern Europe.
This icons  are hallmarked with fake old Russian silver hallmarks, made to deceive, and  are offered    by sellers from Denmark,Bulgaria, Lituania and other countries,  as authentic and antique.
Some sellers are even  bold  enough to promise sertificate of authenticity with it.
With retail price for this icons $15.00-$20.00 US in Poland  you'll see this icons with Buy It Now prices
from $100.00 US up to $500.00 US .
The most commonly faked Russian Imperial silver hallmarks are:
Variation 1
Hallmarks on the lower side of the icon
Assayer's initials and date AIII / 1890
Silversmith initials A.C.
84 and Crossed Anchors hallmark for St. Petersburg
Variation 2
Hallmarks on  the face side
Silversmith initials A.C.
84 and Crossed Anchors hallmark  for St. Petersburg
Variation 3
 Hallmarks on  icon depicting St. George killing the Dragon
Assayer initials and date AIII /1890
Silversmith initials A.C.
84 + St.George hallmark for Moscow.
Some sellers may be genuinely naive about their icons, but other sellers want to cash in at your expense.
Be careful.
Happy bidding.

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