Beware of Fake perfumes!!!!

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Authentic and Fake perfumes
Watch out for fake perfumes, a lot of people think that spending a little less on a perfume from overseas and waiting a little while is worth the savings!... Beware, it will take approx 14-28 days for you to receive your product.  Then once you receive it and if it is Fake you have to contact your seller, if they don't reply within 2 days you better hurry up and contact PayPal and lodge a dispute that the item is Fake.. 
This is a long a tedious process... you only have 45 days (including weekends) to lodge a dispute if the item is fake and you have no certainty that you will get your money back despite the obvious fact that your item is fake.  I haven't spoken with anyone who was successful and has received their money back. There are a number of things you must submit to PayPal to prove that your item is fake.  
1) You have to find an authenticator - a third party who is qualified and sells the item in question
2) That person has to submit in writing why the item is fake and how it differs from the original
3) This report must be submitted in writing with an official Letter head, phone number and be a business so that PayPal can contact them with regard to the claim.

All this must be done within 7 days of PayPals request.  No department store or store holder will do this for anyone as it has nothing to do with them nor do they want anything to do with you and your fake item.  So in the end, you have saved about 25% of purchasing the real thing and are stuck with a disgusting fake!

I am in the process of becoming an authenticator as I have heard this happen too many times and I feel for those people who have spent their hard earned money and be cheated by these cons that have no remorse and continue to cheat people.

Here are some youtube clips of fake items and if you do or have purchased a fake item, report it to eBay immediately and lodge a dispute with PayPal so that the seller is at least suspended for a little while and if they get enough people complaining they will be shut down!.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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