Beware of Fakes - Make Your ebay Experience a Happy 1

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As the saying goes "Buyer Beware"...

But we all love to grab a bargain & of course ebay is our most favoured & fun loved online hot auction site for both new & preloved items.  But unfortunately, not all ebayers are as truthful, forthcoming & fun loving as the rest of us.  So when you do sit down to grab a few moments bargain hunting online, take the following points into consideration, & make your purchase a happy & fun experience:

  • check if new or used - if the item is described as "superb condition", "A1", "excellent", "like new" just check whether it has been stated anywhere that the item is preloved, second hand or used, as different people have different expectations when it comes to levels of quality
  • dont just rely on the photo - a picture can tell 1000 words, but can hide alot of disappointment.  If the seller has not given a very clear & precise description of the item then they could possibly be hiding something.  Always ask the seller a question if you haven't found the answers immediately, dont rely on the item being in brand new condition, if it doesn't state that
  • beware of fakes - unfortunately some sellers place brand named items online for sale & claim their product to be genuine.  Unless you specifically ask them that the item is original then be prepared to settle for less in some cases where cheap fakes are passed off as the real thing.  This should also be reported to ebay, if the case occurs.
  • follow up your purchase - alot of the time buyers will settle for less & just accept a lower quality item than was previously described in the auction.  Ensure you double check the item description before bidding, but know your rights as an online purchaser.  Contact the seller first to resolve any discrepancy, then proceed to ebay dispute resolutions & last of all Fair Trading or any media.


Remember a fun ebay experience makes for continued happy ebay experiences.

Good Luck & Happy Bidding!

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