Beware of Warranty trap

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Most of items from business sellers on eBay come with warranty. It is very important for buyer to understand the warranty to see if such warranty can protect you as a buyer.

Manufacture/Factory warranty:
This is a tricky one. This warranty implies that if something wrong with the product you have purchased, instead of going back to seller, buyers are required to deal with manufacturer directly. It is alright if the product comes from international brands with international warranty. Otherwise, you might be trapped where the seller might redirect you to manufacturer and manufacturer will bounce you back to seller. Thus, be sure that the warranty is offered by the local seller and not by manufacturer if you buy non well-known brands.

Extra long warranty:
Some warranties are offered for 10 years or more, or even lifetime. Buyers need to find out the history of the sellers offering such warranty. How long have they be in business? Bear in mind that new business (under 5 years old) is fragile. Close down of the business will make these long warranty useless. Also, warranty covers on manufacturing defect rather than damages, breakage, worn etc resulted from usage.

Warranty coverage:
Some warranties cover parts only. This could be another trap that buyer might have to pay for the labor cost even under warranty. It is always better to go for sellers with Parts & Labor Warranty or Replacement Warranty for peace of mind.

On9sale always offer either Parts & Labor Warranty or Replacement Warranty for listed products. This gives you handy local/direct support in case there is problem with the product you buy from on9sale. All electronic items comes with Replacement Warranty. Electrical items come with Parts & Labor Warranty.
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