Beware of dealing with this sunglass vendor

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Any buyer who deals with BuzzBuzzAustralia will be rolling the dice.  You could be one of the lucky ones that have a smooth transaction, or you could be unlucky one that has to deal with the frustration should something go wrong.  The seller plays the volume game, so as to get many positive feedbacks, but if you read the negative and neutral feedback he leaves his buyers, you can see his inappropriate hostile remarks.  Only a suspect seller would react with hostility.

I had purchased a pair of glasses over a year ago.  What took place is not uncommon, but how it was handled and the level of service was unsatisfactory and unprofessional.  It took me many months to receive the sunglasses.  I had never received the first pair and it took awhile before it was agreed that a second pair would be shipped.  Understanding it was coming overseas, I took that into account and really just wanted the sunglasses I had paid for, and in the end they did finally arrive.   It should have ended here, but I felt the level of service and level of communication was shocking, frustrating, poor and completely unprofessional.  Dissatisfied, I left a neutral feedback and wrote a guide.   I thought all things were settled, until recently I have been receiving threats from this seller of a libel suit for what I have written.   Let this be known that this is only my opinion of my experience with this company's service.  And now the seller seeks to retaliate against me for leaving my feedback. 

I'm not saying the "customer's always right."   The truth is a three edged sword. BuzzbuzzAustralia's view, my view and what actually happened.  I'll leave it up to the people to read my view and read BuzzbuzzAustralia's feedbacks and decide for themselves. 

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