Beware of poor coin gradings

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1. Don.t enter biding wars unless you are 100% sure of your self and have coin knowlege in grading.2. also dealing with ebay dealers, that give you a refund option  and also pay pay protection gives you the sence of being able to trust the dealer, 3.Also the dealer being in a coin association where his  name means everything to him  WILL GIVE YOU THE SENCE OF BEING ABLE TO TRUST  THE DEALER 4.Buyer beware as a lot of people place a grading on a coin aNd it is not worth the type space it use,s   5. Most sovereigns are only worth the gold that is in them so network around with dealers, join a  coin club and have the coin knowleage you need to bid or buy the coin you want or eles it could be a costly mistake and leave you feeling disapointed with the hobby, just look out for the  people  that  give false gradings. And check the coin vaule out and the grading so you can bid in the sprit of fair bidding it only take,s one or 2 bad experinces to turn you away from the hobby or investing in coin,s so please  buyer beware      read other ebay guides about coin grading buy books and read them  ask questions  from  well know dealers, and join your local coin club to get the experiance you need  to enjoy what should be  a fun  hobby and experiance .     enjoy   thankyou                                                                                                           



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