Beware of so called warranties

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There are many re-sellers on ebay, they purchase their items from wholesalers and then list them on ebay.

There's nothing wrong with that, good luck to them.

But the thing that is wrong, and the thing i want to tell people about, is.....

Most of them seem good enough to offer warranties, they usually have on the auction page something like this "Please retain ebay invoice and warranty card for future warranty claims. In case of warranty claims please contact Local ****** Authorised Service Centre"

I can tell you 100% that this is wrong.

I work for one of the outlets that a few of the re-sellers get their items from, and there is no way we can honor a warranty for something that was purchased on ebay if you bring it in to us or one of our service centres, the only way you can claim a warranty, is by going through the seller, and for them to bring it to us, we MUST see the original reciept, most of the items they purchase, and 100% of the items purchased from us, are factory seconds, and covered by a different warranty, the warranty card you recieve is useless, the original reciept from our outlet MUST be produced.

I'm not trying to stop people from buying these items, not at all, and if ebay needs any proof of this, i can provide it very easily.

I'm just tired of people being lied to, and coming into our store trying to claim a warranty we simply can not honor.

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