Beware the CHEAP postage on Hot Wheels Cars

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CHEAP POSTAGE..........................


Sorry, but I have to say something.......................Cheap Postage..........Get what you pay for.


If you are collecting Hot Wheels cars, or any Diecast car for that matter, how would you like it delivered?

Would you like it Boxed in an Australia Post approved Box, with protective paper or bubble wrap around it and given the love and attention it deserves? If you are like me, you buy your cars because you love them, right?

Over the past couple of years I've had some BAD deliveries of cars, a certain SUPER HUNT really annoyed me!

1. Car in a paper, yes paper bag. Obviously it arrived worse for ware.

2. Car in cardboard taped around it, but not on the sides, thus it arrived squished. (The Super)

3. Car in Bubble Bag, fair enough but it had NO other protective packaging inside.

3. Car in used cardboard box, pity about the remnants of the beetroot!

Anyway, watch out for those that claim cheap postage, yes there are some very GOOD ones out there, they re-use what is sent to them, no problem there at all, its these others that urk me.

Just for arguments sake,

Postage              $4.20

Box (New)         $1.45   (Australia Post's VCB Minimum required)

Total Minimum  $5.65

This does not cover tape, packaging material, printed material and time (care) to package your item.

I personaly charge between $5.00 & $6.00 at the moment for the first car ($1.00 there after),  and use BRAND NEW Australia Post Boxes for most items, but I do use part of the sale of the cars to cover the difference and buy all of my packaging in bulk.

NOW THINK ABOUT IT, what are you paying for?

Does the postage sound TOO good? Is your precious diecast going to get to you like in the photo?

ASK THE QUESTION, before you buy it, how is it packaged?


This is How I package MY Hot Wheels Cars for their new home..........

1. I Buy one of these boxes (minimum size box required) from the post office @ $1.45 (A lot less in Bulk lots of 100)

2. I fold the box up (if not already done) and then cut either tab A or B or both if I intend to fit two cars. ( These tabs MUST be removed, it allows the perfect amount of room without squishing the cars blister.) DO NOT cut the suround as it helps to protect the car.

3. I place the car into position, you can fit up to 4 long cards in the one box, but remember to add some plain paper between the cards if they are worth a bit to avoid scuffing in transit.

Fill below the car, around the car and ANY vacant areas with either foam nuts, bubble wrap (but not on top of blister as it squishes it or under the card for the same reasons), Shreaded paper or crumpled up paper. DO NOT use papers with personal information, heavy inked or freshly printed paper or anything that has contaminants on it to pack with.

4. If you are adding an invoice or delivery slip, place it ABOVE the ear flaps, this stops any FRESH ink from getting in direct contact with the card the car is on.

5. Write the Buyers address and name on the FRONT of the Box and don't forget to sign this section (providing you read it first), Australia Post may not send it if it is not signed.

6. Place your name and address on the has a much better chance of getting delivered somewhere you want it if you have your address and the buyers address on it. Nothing against Australia Post, BUT don't think everyone updates their postal address on eBay everytime they move!

7. I personaly ALWAYS tape the three unhinged sides to the box, this stops the paperwork falling out and anyone looking in!

8. Go to Australia Post's website (auspost) and check on the delievery costs, it helps to have a very accurate set of scales. 3 standard cars, or 2 t-hunts, normaly come in under 250 grams with the box and packaging material thus $4.20 postage.

9. Place your stamps on the front, or go to the Post Office and pay there especialy if you need to send it with "Extra Cover". Just a note on "Extra Cover", it is only covered once it gets to the Post office, sounds simple but you can pay and send via "Extra Cover" without going to the Post Office, thus NOT covered UNTIL it gets to the main Post Office. Also, you get $100 cover with "Extra Cover" too, actualy very good value.

10. Post the Item. As soon as is possible. Most Post boxes get cleared after 5pm. Miss it and its another day to get delivered. We all know the postal service can take some time but we also all know who gets the blame, thats right, the seller!

11. Email the buyer so they know when you sent it, actualy email them, don't rely wholy on the eBay check box. And DON'T email them or tick the "Item Sent" box until you have sent the item, doing that can cause all sorts of grief if you forget or something happens to you!

12. Watch your Sold items for Feedback, and your emails for the buyers communication.

13. Check up on the buyer if they have not left Feedback within X amount of time, as far as I am concerned, 7 Days maximum. This prevents problems and helps your relationship with the buyer. Sometimes they forget, sometimes their item has not arrived, sometimes thay are not happy and are trying to work out how to leave a NEGATIVE feedback for you! getting in first saves face and helps open the lines of communication.

14. Well done and good luck in the Future!

BUYERS, PLEASE leave Feedback when you get (and are happy) with your item, if you don't want to, or are not happy, get in contact with the seller so they might be able to fix the situation BEFORE YOU LEAVE FEEDBACK. Nobody likes Negative feedback but you will get more solved with Honey than you know what!


Hope this helps, all our best from Hot Wheels Lunacy.


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