Bid once and win (saves time and money)

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Greetings Ebayers and thanks for reading.

This guide is about how to bid effectively on ebay and win almost every time without resorting to spending big bucks.  I'll let you in on a secret that works for me almost every time, and once you understand the obvious pricipals behind it, you will immediately see why it can save you heaps of time and money.

The first thing to remember is to play your cards close to your chest, by this I mean scope out several products that meet your needs and save them in your "watch item" list but Do Not Bid yet!!! Make sure you use "Keywords" options when you do a search, this not only narrows your search but can also highlight products that could otherwise slip through and get passed in with the masses of other junk auctions... ie: the "Bargains" that other people dont notice and therefore dont bid on.

Once you have your list of similar items, write the details of each product on a peice of paper. Then set a definite price for the items... Do Not Bid Yet!!!. Make sure the price you set is one you can afford and would be prepared to pay, no more, no less.  Write down the times and end dates of the auction beside the prices and other details.

Log on to Ebay fifteen minutes before the auction ends, sign into "My Ebay" and then click on the heading you saved to take you to the item page. Copy (ctrl + c) the page address from the address bar at the top of the browser and paste (ctrl + v) it into the address bar of a second browser and hit enter. You should now have two identical looking pages on your desktop. Shrink each browser to a bit less than half the screen so you can see both browsers at once. Next open the good old clock by double clicking on it in the right hand corner of the task bar, once it opens position it so it can be seen between the two browsers.

Click on the first browser (the one you signed in to "my ebay" on) and click the "place bid" button. The bid page opens and you can enter the figure you previously decided on in the box and click "Continue". The Confirmation page will open, DO NOT CLICK "CONFIRM BID" yet.

Go to the second browser and click the "Refresh" button at the top... note the time the auction ends and syncronise it with your clock (this should happen automatically if you use XP and have the "sync with server time" function enabled)

From now until the end of the auction hit the refresh button every minute noteing the current price for the item each time (If the price goes over your pre-set price then forget it and wait for the next auction).  When the countdown gets to two minutes then refresh every fifteen seconds until the last fifteen and then click confirm bid in the first browser (If your heart can take it then leave it until the last five seconds).

Hit Refresh in the second browser to see if you won the item.

The idea behind this method is you dont show anyone your intentions and thereby incedentally drive up the price of the item. Also it is highly unlikely anyone will have time to outbid you in the last few seconds of the auction, also you are never tempted to pay more than you would like to.

I hope you find this information useful. Happy Ebaying


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