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Bidding is an exciting and adventurous part of ebay.

I have only bought one thing on ebay.

Though i had bidded on many other products and never won becasue of a couple of reasons.

Be careful of Ebay Snipers (buyers using auto bidding programs which can outbid you in the last seconds of the auction). If you truely want an item, give yourself the best chance, and bid a realistic amount which will hopefully secure this item. Waiting till the end of the auction is pointless! Bid now!


When bidding, timing in crutial.

Bid to early (between 2d and 6h) you will almost 100% will be out bid therefor raising the overall price of the item

When you bid at the end of timing  (5min - <1min) you will most likely win or come extremely close to the end price for the product.



Always check a sellers feedback. You never know wether a seller

has received good or negitive feedback.

Once checked you may have a good insight to wether the person and product are reliable



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