Bidding Secret 01

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When most people enter to bid they will alway bid in five, ten or fifty dollar increments. If they do not succed in obtaining the highest bidder they will go up by another whole increment. You can use this to your advantage when a auction has almost closed. Lets say that the items bid is currently sitting on forty dollars. From this you can guess that the highest bid is either forty-five or fifty dollars. Leaning to the safe side, and since the bid is almost closed, the higher bid will be chossen to beat. Instead of bidding to fifty-five dollars as the other bidders would expect, bid to a random number between fifty-six and fifty-nine dollars - for example, fifty-seven dollars, 40. If done correctly the other bidder will bid to fifty-five dollars in the last few second of the bid and you will finish with the highest bid since there is no more time left to bid again.
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