Bidding Tactics and Strategy Methods Overview

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Some might say there is not much of bidding methods,as that the immediate bidding and the sniping at the very last seconds, but there are more known...
Yes method Nr.1 is sniping, mostly via well known e-sniping web sites as and others, just put the term of seconds and the amount to bid... Usually it shots well and timely.
Method Nr.2 - manual snipe in the very last minute, yes some adrenalin-seekers love it, but may often risk to mis the proper time (use the time reminder!!!), it may be time of work or sleeping, and the internet connection can suddenly fail down, whatever ....
Method Nr.3 - if You know exactly the how much You wish to bid, You may bid asap the maximum cypher and let the others to judge it.
It is fine for non-reckless people, and one still can change the mind and add some more to the bid, but it is surely lost against the strong snipers...
Method Nr.4 - at first to tick the interest with the low bid and to make the snipe later. Some people do. But what is good for the seller then, that the early bid may attract more of the hunters.
Method Nr.5 frightening and playing crazy guy... What is it? Well, imagine someone bidding on item and immideately outbidding the everyone who bids against no matter the how high the bids go... It works for expensive items and makes people think that they deal against the ill guy... so they stop bidding, while the "ill" one finishes the action with the strong snipe-shot. And gets the item!
Special method Nr.6 Yes what some people do... They bid abnormally high and then retract the bid, so they find on how high the current
highbidder is pushing, then they can decide whether they would shot against or not... It is not allowed but in practice happens.

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