Bidding guide for beginner

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If you bid for an item and got out-bidded, you will loose the chance of buying that item. Here is what you need to do to avoid being out-bidded:

  1. Add the item in your watch list.
  2. View the seller's information, click on the link to About Me page for that seller. Often contact details are available in About Me page. Read the feedbacks on their transactions, the less negative the better.
  3. Contact the seller and ask for further information if need to.
  4. Do research on the item being sold to see estimate its value.
  5. Start with lower bid first.
  6. At later stage, remember to set your maximum bid little less then the estimated value of the item, not just $1 more then previous bid.
  7. Do not underestimate other people's bidding power. If someone outbid you then you should re-evaluate the value of the item. If you think it worth more than what you might be paying, then bid again.
  8. Before the auction end, consider the value of the item again to appreciate your bid.
  9. The last second is the last chance for anyone, so don't risk it by bidding low. Go for the highest bid you can afford.
  10. 0 second left there is not much you can do. If you win then arrange payment and pick-up. If you loose don't give up, you may request the seller for a 2nd chance offer.
    Happy bidding!

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