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In order to recieve great feedback when you purchase, make sure you follow these easy steps.

  • ALWAYS contact seller regarding ANY questions you may have BEFORE bidding. This is important because it really determines if you want to bid. It also gives the seller more opportunities to explain more about the item and tell you exactly what you want to know.
  • Always bid your max. amount. e.g. The item is currently at $2.50 and you are willing to pay $25.00 for it, plus postage. ALWAYS bid your total amount. i.e. the $25.00. Not only will ebay then bid FOR you up to your max. amount, but it helps to deter anyone else bidding. I have found that if people are automatically outbid a couple of times, they give up and look for another item to buy.
  • On the same note, if someone is doing the automatic bidding on something you want, keep bidding until you reach your max. You never know. They may only be a couple of dollars over what you have just bid.
  • Once you have made your bid, check back regularly, so you can keep track of the item. This will also enable you to keep check of any messages that may be sent to you.
  • When you win an auction, PAY IMMEDIATELY. It makes the seller happy, gets you your item quickly, and generally the seller will leave you great feedback.  
  • Make sure, once you recieve your item, let the seller know, and thank them.
  • Leave feedback. If you are not satisfied with the item, ALWAYS email the seller before leaving negative feedback. They are usually more than happy to help, and it stops so much negitive feedback.
  • Above all HAVE FUN and enjoy your ebay experience. It can be a great tool.
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