Big Day Out - Be very careful buying tickets

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I am writing this quick guide because I am so p!ssed off about it selling out so quickly and all these ... uhhh I don't even have a word for them that will be acceptable to ebay...people selling these masses of tickets.

Ok enough ranting. The simple fact is that these auctions violate the BDO ticket policy

Should this ticket be re-sold for profit it will be cancelled and the holder will be refused entry. This condition specifically prohibits ticket re-sale through online market or auction sites
(from the big day out website )

Which means potentially the tickets you buy will be cancelled and there is very little you can do about it. Think the scalpers will give you your money back?

For the slows ones in the back, all together, No way!!! You will be out of pocket and you will be all the way out in Homebush.


So instead of bidding, join me in reporting every BDO ticket that goes up. We need to try and stop this madness.

Your friend and lover

Captain Danger

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