Bigger capacity Chinese batteries from wei1368

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I am writing this short review to inform buyers about a very poor quality of replacement batteries from China, an example is a battery for HTC Trophy from the seller wei1368.

As you can see there are two battery elements wrapped in foil and combined together with a piece of sticky paper. Almost immediately it inflated because of poor quality and stopped working simply because it was impossible to plug it into the phone (the battery got too big). Luckily, the phone was not damaged.

I do not recommend to buy poor quality replacement batteries for your mobile phone. Yes, the price may be very competitive, but the built quality is just terrible, basically it is more of a fake device model than a real device. It was even working at first but there were too problems from the very start - very fast discharge rate when it was unplugged and also the capacity dropped very quickly until it became less than original battery, which is physically two times less than the replacement one. So, even without the inflation it would have become unreasonable waste of space after 30-40 discharge cycles.

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