Biker Goggles Buying Guide

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Biker Goggles Buying Guide

Safety is a factor when riding a motorcycle, and protecting the eyes is of utmost importance. Biker goggles keep dirt, dust, insects, and sun out of the eyes for a safer riding experience. There are many types of biker goggles to choose from, including polarised, mirrored, and wrap-around goggles. Some goggles look like sunglasses, and some offer a higher degree of protection with straps that go around the entire head.

Buyers can find biker goggles of all brands, colours, and types when shopping at motorbike shops as well as on eBay. Consumers should compare the various types and prices before making a decision on the best biker goggles for their needs.

Biker Goggle Styles

There are two distinct styles of biker goggles. Consumers need to choose the style that best suits their preferences, as there are benefits to both types of goggles. Different styles offer different features and are generally priced differently as well.

Sunglass Goggles

Sunglass-style goggles fit over the ear-like traditional sunglasses. They are sturdier and made for biking. Thick frames offer riders protection, and the sunglass-style goggles are versatile and worn for more than just biking. They come in many lens types, including nighttime lenses, polarised lenses, mirrored lenses, and transition lenses, which adjust to the light as needed. Sunglass goggles are lightweight and padded for a comfortable fit, and are affordable. They are a good alternative to regular sunglasses and offer much more protection for bikers than sunglasses.

Wrap-Around Goggles

Wrap-around goggles slip over the head and are fully enclosed so they do not come off during riding. The lenses are circular. Wrap-around goggles have a different look from sunglass-style goggles. Vintage-style goggles look similar to aviator eyewear. Some of these goggles often have tinted lenses and are padded for comfort and durability. Others are styled to look similar to sunglasses, and some are large enough to fit over eyeglasses.

Convertible Goggles

Convertible goggles offer the best of both worlds. They have a slip-on strap that converts them from sunglass-style goggles to wrap-around goggles, so these offer flexibility. They are also called motorcycle sunglasses. Convertible goggles also offer a variety of lens types and different styles such as military designs, interchangeable lenses, and coloured or polarised lenses that protect eyes from UV rays.

Biker Goggle Brands

There are several popular brands of goggles and motorcycle eyewear on the market. High-quality goggles and glasses are made to last, and their cost reflects that. Some brands are trendier than others, and some goggle brands offer purchasers vintage-style goggles for the antique fans.


Choppers biker goggles are available in the traditional sunglass style, and these motorcycle glasses come with many variations such as polarised lenses, padded frames, and darkened lenses. They fit the biker style and are budget friendly. This brand offers a tight fit so the goggles do not come off while riding. Choppers block out the sun's UV rays and offer protection from the wind as well. Choppers are wind resistant, and a strap is available to create convertible goggles from Choppers sunglasses.

Retro Joe

Retro Joe biker goggles are a throwback to old-fashioned, World War II-style aviator goggles. The goggles offer a lot of padding for comfort, as well as shatterproof lenses which filter out the sun's UV rays. Retro Joe goggles are made to last, and offer consumers lightweight polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to scratches. The goggles are also foldable to make storing them simple.

The baron-style goggles have a strap that is adjustable and the lenses are often two tone for a vintage look. Retro Joe goggles offer bikers maximum protection in a stylish goggle. They are also large enough to fit over glasses or sunglasses.


Motorcycle style sunglasses and goggles from Bobster are high quality and high performing. Bobster offers sunglasses for riding, goggles with a fitted strap, and convertible options for the best of both worlds. There are special goggles made to fit women, and many types of lenses include photochromic, anti-fog, and reflexive materials.

Frames are made of soft neoprene and foam for added comfort on those long rides. Lenses are made with high-quality materials for superior safety and comfort, and there are many styles, colours, and shapes to choose from, including goggles with black frames made of moisture wicking foam in a cruiser shape. Some of the convertible goggles include different lenses that are also easy to switch out, such as anti-fog lenses, regular clear lenses, and darker yellow lenses for various weather situations.

Choosing Goggle Lenses

Some features to keep in mind when purchasing goggles include the lens type. All goggles and glasses should filter UV rays at the highest number for the best sun protection. Polycarbonate lenses are lighter than other types of lenses and easy to wear. Polycarbonate is also scratch proof and durable. Some lenses offer anti-fog capabilities, which work to keep lenses clear during inclement weather.

Riders do not have to squint in the harsh sunlight when they purchase polarised lenses, which reduce glare from bright objects, metal, and the sun, improving safety while riding. Many lenses are a variety of colours, such as yellow or orange, and for riders who hit the road at all hours, transitional lenses that change from clear to dark are the best option.

How to Buy Biker Goggles on eBay

Purchase many brands and styles of biker goggles and glasses for low prices on eBay. Get great deals on biker goggles by typing your keywords into the search bar on any page, such as "Choppers", and filter your search by price range and whether the goggles are new or used. For the best buying experience, shop from Top-rated sellers.

Choosing biker goggles seems confusing, but it is a matter of personal preference. Some bikers enjoy the versatility of convertible goggles, or enjoy the tighter fit of wrap-around goggles with a padded strap. Pick the goggles that suit your lifestyle and your budget, and create the safest riding experience. If you wear glasses, ensure your goggles fit over your specs easily and comfortably.

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