Birthstone Guide Traditional Modern Mystical & Others

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Now you may come across many lists which vary for birthstones.. Below is a list for 1st (traditional) 2nd (Modern Day) 3rd (Mystical) and 4th (other).  I hope this helps...if you have found this interesting or useful please place a vote.. thank you.

Traditional      Modern Day            Mystical                    Other

January         Garnet                   Garnet                  Emerald, Rosequartz

February       Amethyst               Amethyst               Bloodstone, Onyx or Moonstone

March           Aquamarine          Aquamarine          Jade, Rock Crystal

April            Diamond                Diamond               Opal, Quartz or white Sapphire

May             Emerald                  Emerald                Sapphire, Chrysoprase or Beryl

June            Pearl              Moonstone or Pearl       Moonstone, Opal

July             Ruby                       Ruby                      Ruby, Carnelian

August        Peridot                   Peridot                   Diamond, Jade

September   Sapphire                Sapphire                Agate, Lapis Lazuli or Chrsolite

October       Tourmaline           Opal                       Jasper, Pink Tourmaline or Zircon

November   Topaz                     Citrine                   Pearl, Diamond

December   Turquoise              Blue Topaz             Onyx, Pink Tourmaline


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