Blade Runner who likes it and who doesn't

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I bought a Blade Runner for those who don't know what that is  it is a cutting tool. not very big but I bought it thinking that here is a quick easy way to cut out lettering.  OH BOY was I wrong. I found it very difficult to use. and it kept cutting up my templates.  What did I do.  well I drop kicked it over my back fence :) I found it too frustrating. but then I also admit that I probably didn't give it time and work out how it worked.  Scrapbooking being reasonably new craft in town there weren't many people on hand who could take the time and show me how to use the thing.

Next step was to try another cutter.  Fiskars Shape Cutter. some times it worked sometimes it didn't then 2 weeks ago I learn't a valuable piece of information. make sure the template is the right side up. so you can see the word Fiskars the way it is meant to be read.  apparently the design is slopped slightly and if you have the template upside down, you risk ripping at the paper.  PROBLEM solved. :)

I still use my shape cutter more now than ever before, but I have found a New toy for myself. in the form of a sizzix die cutting machine,  the thing is heavy. but made well. I have to buy the dies separately but I now have a good collection they too are well made. a bit bulky but I have an ever growing list of sizzix fans here :)  I also invested in the Sizzix Side Kick  yay now I can also use quickutz dies and they are much thinner and lighter to carry around.

I can't believe I am starting to Rant  have a look at other guides I have written. and of course if you want other information just email me. I love to help out wherever I can

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