Blinds for Bathrooms

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You have been scanning designer magazines for months, taking in every aspect of other bathrooms that flow with style, elegance and ‘the look’ that you have been dreaming of for your home.  All the pieces of the picture are now together on your story board ….. but wait …. have you considered all of the functional aspects of your choices?

Fabric Choice
Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is one that needs special consideration when it comes to fabric choice.  It may sound obvious however, many people forget the fact that damp on fabric causes mould and mildew, finding the need to replace their fabric choices quicker than the original design choices for the bathroom in the first place.

Choosing window furnishings that are waterproof is not as daunting as it may seem.  Whilst your choices may be slightly limited against other rooms of your home, almost every style of blind can and has been used in a bathroom with differing results according to the owner’s requirements.  There are a couple of things to remember when selecting your product.

Untreated fabric (non-waterproofed material) will quickly wind up with damp and mould problems – therefore any fabric material you are wishing to use in your bathroom should be treated with a water-proofing agent prior to installation.

Wooden blinds have continued to be a favourite in bathrooms for many years.  Manufacturers have learnt from the mistakes of the early days and now provide wooden blinds specifically designed and treated for bathroom conditions.  This treatment has significantly reduced the prospect of wooden blinds warping and buckling with bathroom steam and humidity as well as the mould retention experienced with earlier wooden product. Even with this advancement, it is not recommended that you soak your wooden blinds with water.

Roller Blinds have long been a favourite for Bathrooms as they can be inconspicuous when required or used for their convenient privacy application.  Available in many different colours and sizes, they have certainly earned their popularity status.

Venetian Blinds are popular amongst the style conscious with the recent introduction of different materials and colours to the range.  Easy to maintain with a quick wipe or vacuum, their affordability and application make them a popular choice.

Bathrooms are about privacy as well as design – so remember if you are choosing vertical blinds for the bathroom the standard 10mm gap may compromise your privacy if your bathroom has visual access by neighbours.

Bathroom Hardware
When combining the aspects of bathroom furnishings the key is to keep it simple and for your hardware and furnishings to complement each other.

Bathrooms by their very nature are meant to be cleansing and calm – with features that will inspire.

With this in mind, your choice of hardware is just as important as your soft furnishings.  Think about the size of your bathroom and what type of accessories you want to have to compliment your design, as well as the type of people who will be using the bathroom on a regular basis.

In other words there is little point in putting in a large spa bath in a small bathroom or super expensive taps and hand basins that are going to be used by small children or rough and tough teenagers.  Practicality of choice is a must when considering the cost of your new bathroom.

Things to consider when designing your bathroom:

Size - of the room and also the fittings and furniture
Audience - who will be the primary users
Privacy - both inside and outside the bathroom
Colour scheme and theme
Types of materials that will work best in a wet area

Author:   Cheapa-Blinds
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