Body Piercing Gauges & Sizings

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Information about body piercing jewelry and how to choose the right Sizes & Gauges for you.

Please note that this information is for general reference.
If you have any concerns about your piercing call your body piercer.
They will know what your gauges etc.should be.

I always advise the utmost caution when considering a piercing or a piece of jewellery and recommend that all piercings are carried out by professionals.

Body Piercing Gauges

The gauge of your piercing is the thickness of your body piercing bar, the diameter of a flesh tunnel, plug or expander.
It is also related to the size of piercing needles that are used.
Gauges and sizes can be a little confusing, but one very simple rule is;
The bigger the number, the finer the thickness.

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Basic Bars

Straight barbells like these are most commonly used for tongue and nipple piercings.
The gauges are usually 14 or a 16. But they are available in finer gauges for tragus and ear piercings.
The length of the bar is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.
When choosing a tongue bar length, remember to leave it a little loose to allow for swelling, from a variety of causes.
Remember the first bar your piercer used?

Curved Bars

Curved barbells are used for a wide variety of piercings.
Curved barbells are available in a variety of gauges so it is very important to choose the right one for you.
Navel / Belly piercings are generally a 14 gauge. This thicker gauge is usually used to prevent tearing that can occur when using finer pieces of jewellery.
Eyebrow bars are often a 16 gauge but a 14 guage is suitable.
Curved bars are also used for septum, tragus, eyebrow and some intimate piercings.

Captive Bead Rings

Captive Bead rings (CBR's) come in a huge range of sizes and gauges, making them one of the most practical and easy to use pieces of body piercing jewellery.
Especially appropriate for everyday wear in nipple, ear and bellly / navel piercings.
But CBR's can be used just about anywhere, provided the gauge and size are correct.
Safer because they don't get caught on things, and are easy to keep clean.

When deciding on a size, I usually suggest measuring from the piercing site to the external edge of your piercing, add a few millimeters for comfort or preference on where you want it to sit, and from that you can decide how big it needs to be.

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