Bonding With Your Baby- Parenting Advice and Baby Tips

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Bonding with your newborn baby is one of the most special times a parent will ever experience. Her tiny feet, pencil-thin fingers and silky soft skin are precious and intriguing. You will likely find yourself holding your baby almost all the time. But while you may be tempted to carry baby constantly, keep in mind that baby needs her own private time, too. She needs time to sleep, which babies do a lot of during their first few months.

So how can you possibly find time to bond with your baby if she's sleeping all the time? You will quickly find your own routine, of course, but there are many opportunities to bond.

Feeding time is one of the most common times to bond with baby, especially once she's able to keep her eyes open and focus on your face. While you are feeding her, talk to her. Whisper softly and sing to her. She will recognize your voice and react to it.

Reading to baby, too, is a great way to bond. Often this is overlooked by new parents because the assumption is that since baby doesn't understand what you are saying, there is no benefit. This could not be further from the truth. While it is true that baby does not understand the words you are saying at this stage, she does understand the tone of your voice. Studies have also shown that babies that are read to from an early age develop faster than other children.

But what do you read? Anything. You can rush out and stock up on fairy tales and Dr. Seuss books, and trust me, you'll end up with a very large collection anyway. But you don't necessarily need to yet. Since baby doesn't understand the words, only the tone, you can read anything to her. If you like to read the Wall Street Journal, read it out loud to baby. Or read the top news stories from Yahoo News. Anything you read to her will help not only soothe her, but help her develop as well.

Babies also react to touch. Skin-to-skin contact and eye contact should be at the center of every play time. Remember that baby is used to being in the womb, which is a small, almost cramped space. Right after she is born she will likely feel insecure in such a big world. Touching helps assure baby that she is safe and loved.

As soon as baby is able to focus, she will start following things with her eyes. Babies really are inquisitive and will soon love little games you make up with her toys.

And the greatest thing about bonding with baby is that dads can do it, too. Late night feedings, diaper changes and talking or singing is not limited to just mom. Dads can experience it as well, and baby  will bond with him just as easily. Bonding With Your Baby Parenting Advice Baby Tips    

The biggest thing to remember is to cherish this time with your baby. Before you know it she will be crawling and walking and you will miss this stage.  
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