Books Packing and Postage

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Main concerns as a buyer and seller:

  1. How parcels are handled during transit by AusPOST and/or other courier service;
  2. Best form of packaging to use in specific relation to books;
  3. Best value for money in relation to postage costs;
  • AusPOST don't take responsibility for loss and/or damage of items during transit. Therefore "seller" should package book being aware of manner parcels handled in an environment whose chief objective is speed and quantity rather than quality. One needs to ask oneself when packing a book, what if parcel sitting beneath heavy parcels; can it handle stress. Secondly, what if parcel exposed to rain and/or similar wet the packaging materials conducive?

Recommend: Prepaid envelopes, either the 500 grams or 3kg are a better option. Why? because they are 'tough' and ideal against wet conditions. Also, AusPOST now supply purpose-made buddle-inserts for either 500g and 3kg Pre-paid envelopes. (saves time in packing). It is also advisable to seal book within plastic bag within bubble insert and have that sealed as well. Parcel is therefore completely and throughly protected against most handling conditions. The other postive, is the saving of time, Pre-Paid envelopes don't require lengthy waits in queques. Especially in case of bulk...a huge time-saver.

Main goal would be to package book as one would expect to have it received oneself and to use packaging materials that are tough and weather-proof.



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