Boosting Your car, How to Use Ebay To Your Advantage

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Right Revheads, we all want it whether we admit it or not but forced induction whether with a Turbo or Supercharger is what we all want, we don't want power or fame, just a giant turbo sitting under our bonnet! Of course a well balanced and tuned boost set up is expensive, or is it, thats why our good friend ebay is here to help.
This guide gives a brief outline of what you will need, and what to look out for when buying the parts on ebay.
So how does a turbo/supercharger actually work?
This might sound like a stupid question but with any mechanical system or modification the best thing you can do is plan out the mod in full which means you need a good understanding of the WHOLE system.
so here it is...
Forced Induction
Internal combustion engines use oxygen and a combustible material (Petrol, Diesel, LPG etc) and oxygen in a particular ratio (called a stoichiometric ratio) to complete a chemical reaction which creates energy, or in laymans terms a petrol + Air = Explosion.
Naturally aspirated engines use the movement of the piston to suck air into the chamber for the next combustion, of course this is slow and boring so we want forced induction!
Forced induction compresses air into the combustion chamber so that more fuel can be burnt and hence more power made by the engine.

Turbo vs Supercharged
Turbochargers use the exhaust gases coming from the engine to run a turbine on the intake side of the engine to compress the air coming into the combustion chamber The only issue with this is that there is a lag between the time when you put your foot down and the time when boost kicks in, this is where superchargers come in, Superchargers use a pulley, chain or gear system running off the crankshaft of the engine, this spins a turbine which, like the turbo compresses air into the chamber, the benefits of a supercharger is that the boost pressure is there as soon as you plant your foot, the problem being that the supercharger takes energy from the engine as energy is needed to spin the turbine, though the power gains from the boost compensates for this.

Exhaust Manifold
This is a replacement for the stock exhaust manifold so that a turbo can be bolted on, these are car and turbo specific so buy carefully. Also there are a few material options with these, stainless steel is always good and looks great but there are also heat treatments like insulating glass fibre tape and ceramic coatings which help keep heat out of your engine bay.

Both Turbo and Superchargers can have intercoolers installed and benefit greatly from their installation.  So what do they do apart from look Rad? Cold air contains a higher density of oxygen which is what is needed in the engine to produce all that power that we want. Also unfortunately compressed air is hot, so we need to reduce the temperature of the air to increase the oxygen content, and also help with running the engine smoother without detonation, which we definitely don't want. Intercoolers a large hollow metal heat sinks with fins running through them which allow air from outside the car cool the air going into the intake. There are two major mounting position types of intercooler, front mount which is the most popular aftermarket method because they can be large and sit in front of the radiator intercepting coldest air as you speed along, the other type is a top mount intercooler which sits on top of the engine and is usually a bit smaller, bonnet scoops allow the air to flow through the intercooler.

Blow Off Valves and Wastegates
Blow off valves (BOV's) and Wastegates regulate the amount of air coming into the engine, wastegates bleed off air when the pressure becomes to great, and BOV's release high pressure air when the engine does not need air when changing gears, because otherwise the high pressure air would damage the engine, There are two types vent to atmosphere and plumb back BOV's Plumb back re routs the air back into the intake and is fairly silent, Vent To Atmosphere BOV's release the air out of the piping and make that ricey whooch noise we hear so often in aftermarket turbo cars. Both can be used on turbo and supercharged cars.

Fuel system and Computer Upgrades
There are a couple of little fiddly bits which need to be considered when boosting your car that people take for granted, they can mean the difference between an awesome boosted car and a car which breaks down every week or doesn't make the power you think it should.
Because of the increased fuel demand on a boosted engine, a larger fuel pump, or two, high flow fuel rails and larger injectors should be used to keep the supply of fuel constant to the engine.
To keep the whole system running smoothly you will need to alter your cars computer, depending on your budget and power goals this can be done by either remapping your stock computer or buying a new aftermarket computer, which are usually totally programmable and incredibly handy.

Right so now you know what you need, now comes the hard part, buying it cheap...
Ebay Car Part Tricks
This is important, i have never seen a good quality generic part, steer away from these and try to buy brand name it may be expensive but chances are you should be able to buy it cheaper than retail on Ebay, it works out far cheaper in the long run than putting bad quality parts in your car, especially high temperature or high speed applications such as turbos, bad quality turbo turbines have been known to shatter under high boost and destroy whole engines.
Watch out for people selling parts masquerading under the guise of a brand name, if something says, for example "Greedy style Intercooler", and it is not in fact Greedy at all, i have seen this so many times it isn't funny, and most of the time the item they are selling is awful quality, so be careful.
Also buying second hand brand name car parts can be a great way to save money but be absolutely sure that the item is in good condition, inspecting the item in person is ideal, look for any signs of heat stress or cracks in any metal turbine housings or pipes.

Well there you go hopefully this will be of some help to some of you will be boost freaks out there.
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