Bootcut Jeans Buying Guide

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Bootcut Jeans Buying Guide

Bootcut jeans are a style of denim trouser that are worn by many women to create a number of different looks. They can be worn in a smart setting, especially in a darker shade of denim, as well as a casual trouser.

They are appreciated by their wearers as their shape is flattering and enhances the silhouette of the lower body in a way that not many other styles of denim jean manage to do. When worn right, bootcut jeans are considered to be one of the best styles of jean in terms of accentuating the curves of the leg, due to their specific design features.

There is a wide selection of bootcut jeans available on auction sites like eBay.

Bootcut Jeans: A Background

· The bootcut jean came into fashion in the early 1990s and was a play on the flares and bell-bottoms that were extremely popular in the 1970s.

· They were worn by men, mainly sailors, as far back as the 1800s, but not with the same tapering towards the knee that exists in the women’s bootcut design that is now commonly recognised.

· Whilst there are other materials used for bootleg trousers, denim is one of the more popularly purchased and worn materials.

Features of the Bootcut Jean

Bootcut jeans have particular design features that no other types of jean available on the market have. These design features make the bootcut jean so unique and, in turn, so popular.

When looking for bootcut jeans, look out for a pair with these specific features to ensure that the jeans are definitely bootcut and that they help to create the flattering look that they are so admired for:

· High Waist: Bootcut jeans should have a high waist and sit a few inches above the waistline. In comparison to the likes of skinny jeans and straight leg jeans, bootcut jeans will sit much higher on the body. This is done so as to elongate the legs of the wearer, as it complements the rest of the features of the jeans, including the tapered upper leg and the flared hem.

· Slimmed Thigh: Jeans of this nature will also have a slimmed thigh. This takes the high waist and compliments it by further elongating the upper half of the lower body. The slimmed upper half of a bootcut pair of jeans is also done to flatter other areas of the body by enhancing the silhouette and profile of the wearer. The slim thigh contrasts the flared hem in a way that is recognised as very flattering.

· Flared Hem: This is what bootcut jeans are most famous for. The flared hem on a pair of bootcut jeans allows for the wearing of the likes of high heels and heeled boots to further elongate the leg whilst also balancing out the slimmer top half of the trouser.

· Tight Pockets: Because of the way that they are designed, bootcut jeans will often have tight shallow pockets. For this reason, they are best avoided for the use of carrying items, as that can ruin the shape of the jean. After all, the slimmed, tapered upper leg of the bootcut jean is extremely important to the look that this type of jean creates.

Bootcut Jeans Denim Washes

In the denim world there are a multitude of different washes used to create various effects on the material. These effects are created by the way that the denim is washed and there are many different techniques to achieve these vast range of effects.

As far as bootcut jeans are concerned, not all of these washes are utilised, as a lot of them would not fit the look that the bootcut style aims to achieve. Therefore, there are only certain washes that are popularly used for bootcut jeans and these are listed and explained below:

Bootcut Jean Washes


Dark Rinse Wash

It is generally considered that the best wash for bootcut jeans is a dark rinse wash. It is often said that the darker the denim, the better, as far as bootcut jeans are concerned, and they are also made in black. This is due to the fact that bootcut jeans are designed to enhance the profile and outline of the wearer and by using darker denim, this is easier to see.

A dark rinse wash is much less technical to achieve than other washes available on the market and just uses water and a fabric softener. Dark rinse bootcut jeans are also appreciated for the way that they elongate the leg of the wearer and for the fact that most other colours can be worn alongside them.


Stonewash jeans are another popular denim wash used for women’s bootcut jeans. In terms of their appearance, stonewash bootcut jeans will often have areas where the denim dye is faded. This is achieved in the manufacturing process. This is done is by putting pumice stones alongside the jeans in a washer. The pumice stone takes away certain dye particles, leaving the faded look. By using the pumice stone, the denim is also softened, creating a comfortable and stylish pair of bootcut jeans. The faded areas will commonly appear on the thigh area of the jean, as a means of accentuating shape. 

Creases and Whiskers

A lot of women’s bootcut jeans will also have an affect created through washing known as creases or whiskers. Creases in the material are achieved by baking the jeans after wash and appear at the top of the thigh. Whiskers are similar in appearance to creases, except for the fact that it is actually an effect on the dye of the denim as opposed to the fit. Whiskers are used as a means of achieving a worn look and will occasionally feature on the back of the knee but will more commonly be seen on the upper leg, hip and crotch area of the jeans.

Considerations When Buying Bootcut Jeans

There are a number of other considerations to think about when buying bootcut jeans. These are not based on the style or wash of the jeans, but more concerned with the best ways of wearing them and the things to look out for before finalising a purchase.

· What to Wear: As many benefits as bootcut jeans have, they are only certain clothes that are best worn alongside them. The type of shoe is the most important. As the name suggests, they are best worn with boots that should have a heel on, or high heels. However, the heel should not be too high as a higher heel can mean that the hem is too high on the leg. In terms of clothing, a simple, tucked in top can create a stylish look, as well as a short jacket.

· Leg length: As mentioned above, the hem of the jean should not sit too high up the leg. Therefore, look out for the length of the leg before purchasing to be sure to avoid this problem.

Buying Bootcut Jeans on eBay

Bootcut jeans can be found in abundance on the likes of eBay, and the site provides the chance for buyers of bootcut jeans to purchase this style of jean at affordable prices that may not be able to be found elsewhere.

To find the listings of bootcut jeans on eBay, head to the Fashion section of the site, or even the Deals area to find a recommended bargain. After visiting the Fashion section, click on the Women’s Clothing link and select the Jeans option. The next step involves using the keyword search bar to search for ‘Bootcut Jeans’ and then using the refinement tabs at the side of the page to find the required wash or size.

After finding a desired pair of bootcut jeans, it is then time to purchase them. This can be done using the three buying options that the site provides. The seller will decide which option is available, but there is the chance to:

-  Place a Bid

-  Make a Best Offer

-  Use the Buy It Now option

When used in conjunction with PayPal, a secure and reasonable priced transaction can be made.


Bootcut jeans may float in and out of the fashion world. However, when worn right, they can create a timeless, classic look that accentuates the body shape of the wearer.

One of the most important things to consider when buying bootcut jeans is the rest of the outfit, so it is best to buy bootcut jeans if other items of clothing are owned that will match the bootcut style.

When buying on eBay it is also important to be aware of the way that the site works, and to read the terms and conditions of the site of PayPal.

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