Boxer Shorts versus Boxer Briefs

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Boxer shorts and boxer briefs are quite similar yet very different as well. The choice of selecting a particular type should depend on the purpose and occasion they are intended to be used for.
If you want to buy men's underwear, you can also do it online. There are a lot of websites and online shopping areas where you can but your choice of underwear. There, you will find all sorts of different underwear. Before selecting the one for you, should know about the various types available and what their characteristics are, and then choose the one that would be perfect for you.
Men's underwear are classified into some categories, the most common of which are:
Boxer Briefs
Boxer Shorts
Boxer shorts and boxer briefs are a type of men's underwear that most people may not even know the difference between. To understand the difference between them, you should first know what briefs and boxers are. Briefs are the type of underwear which stick tightly to the body and don't have long legs. Boxers, on the other hand, are longer in size and are much looser as compared to briefs.
Boxer briefs are the combination of boxer shorts and briefs. Boxer briefs are longer in size; they cover some part of the legs too. Yet they are also tight just like briefs. Hence they provide taut and fixed support to the genital organs and buttocks. So boxer shorts and boxer briefs are similar to each other in that they both cover some part of the thighs but differ in the amount of fit they provide.
In both of these underwear, the length to which they extend on the thighs can be different. Both of them can either be as long till the knees or just short enough to cover the upper part of thighs. Of course, your choice of selecting the one should depend on what kind you want and for what purpose. If you want something that is very loose and casual, then you might want to go for boxers. They will provide you with proper cover but be loose fitting as well to provide a very comfortable experience. On the other hand, boxer briefs are especially useful if you want to run or do some kind of sport. Because of their greater fitting and good support, they are ideal for athletic purposes.
Both of these types of underwear usually have a wide strap waist that normally has the name of its brand knitted in it. Boxers are usually made of cotton or other similar fabric because of the loose fit they provide and for what purpose they are intended for. Boxer briefs can also be made of cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex or a combination of any of these. Both of them may or may not have a fly at the front which could either be buttoned, open or have Y front design.

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