Brand Name Childrens Clothes

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Hi again from Wrigglepots!  I hope your having a great srat to a new year, and the kids aren't driving you crazy..yet! 

 I thought I would have a say about some of the brand name, designer, quality kids clothes from  USA.  One of them I have already talked about is Carter's. I love Carter's they give so much attention to details, but another one I know not many Australians know about is GREENDOG.  they are very well made clothes with attetions to trend, so kids, toddlers through to teens will feel a part of things yet still be a stand out.  Greendog can give great price for quality and durability while slooking very smart and trendy for a child, which helps build self-esteem.

Though Carter's quality will be with every part of making clothes, from quality of material, dye, cut, stitching and trend, Greendog will always delivery value.

Why pay full price at the shops and deal with parking and crowds, know who to shop through and tell your freinds.  Not enough australians are being looked after by the litle battler, the little fish (who know how to look after their custoers - alittle secret), it's about time we little one's unite to stand up to the big shops, but we need your help!!! Get an E-bay party togther and have fun...until later...Sonia from Wrigglepots signing off.

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