Breakages in the mail

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Have you ever bought something on eBay Australia just to have it arrive broken?

No matter how carefully or how well packed the Seller sends it, no one can account for the treatment it will receive in transit. Crushing seems to be the worst and most frequent injury.

Generally speaking, the Seller is as upset as the Buyer when an item they have sent arrives damaged, especially when it is a one-off , e.g, a collectable that cannot be replaced.

The easiest way to protect yourself against the loss of an article valued at less then $100 through damage in the post, is to have it sent registered mail.  It costs an additional $2.50 through Australia Post and provided you can prove it was packed adequately, you can make a claim.

For articles over $100, you will need to take out additional insurance.

If you are a Seller of breakable or valuable items, It is advisable to ALWAYS send it by registered mail by including it in the postal cost. (you will find it in your mail options when writing up your item).

If you are a Buyer, request registered mail or insurance BEFORE paying for your item and ask the Seller to send you the registration number as reciept.

No-one can prevent breakages in transit, but we can save ourselves a lot of heartache by reducing the monetary loss.

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