BreathSlim - brand new technology for weight loss

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The BreathSlim Weight Loss Device is a brand new revolutionary technology for losing weight as well as improving your general wellbeing.

• It trains you to breathe correctly so you can fully utilise the power of oxygen
• Improve your health, snore less, sleep better, reduce food cravings and have more energy!
• Burn fat faster with more oxygen in your body
• Use it while relaxing in front of the TV
• No strenuous physical activity required
• You also get free access to the exclusive Weight Loss Tracker program

Here are a couple of genuine testimonials from happy BreathSlim users:

"When I first started exercising with Breathslim technology it was inconvenient to breathe “with my stomach”. I think it’s because I’m used to breathing with my chest. But after 10 days I noticed that even in the morning, when I wake up, my body automatically breathes correctly. It’s easier to walk now and my tummy’s gotten smaller and my waist line reduced by 1.5 inches! Thanks so much”  Jennifer M.,CA

“Hi! My name is Harry, I just turned 43. During my first couple of sessions with Breathslim I thought it was strange to breathe so slow. Over the last few years (because of excess weight) I got used to breathing fast, and I started wheezing a lot. But after several days my body started to get used to the new, rhythmical breathing style and I noticed that after exercising I became calmer, more relaxed and I didn’t want to eat so much at night anymore. It’s been 3 weeks since I started using Breathslim and I’ve lost 5 lb (2.26kg). I sleep much better now and my wife says that I snore less than I used to. Thank you!”  Harry

The BreathSlim Weight Loss Device is available here: Total Body Australia eBay store

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