Breyer Model Horses

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I love to collect Breyer Model Horses. Anyone who has seen them in person can tell you just how incredibly real looking they are, right to the last detail they are just absolutely spectacular. There's also alot you can do with them, live showing, photo showing, customising etc. You can make tack and accessories for them and let me tell you that they too are so life like it's not funny.

In the U.S they are very very popular and I've noticed that here in Aus I am seeing alot more people interested in them. It can be hard to find places to buy them, eBay is probably the best place to look.

Not only do Breyer have a very extensive range of Breeds to choose from (they have it all) but they also make Seasonal Horses like Halloween & Christmas, Race Horses Phar Lap to War Admiral, Horses from Film- Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Spirit, Dreamer, Flicka etc plus they have Horses from History and many more.

They come in various sizes: Traditional, Classics, Ponies, Paddock Pals, Stablemates & Mini Whinnies. Traditionals are the largest being approx 12"L x 9"H.

Besides making horses they make other highly detailed animals such as Cats, Dogs, American Wildlife, Elephants, Bulls, Farm Animals etc. They have also released Mugs, Treasure Boxes, Blankets, Ornaments, Snow Globes, Crakt Kits such as Model Horse Customising Kit/Model Horse Sculpting Kit/Halter & Blanket Making Kit, Night Lights, Hood Ornaments, Games and Puzzles, Trucks, Trailers, Barns etc plus each model you buy comes with a Collector's Guide for that year of the horses release.

There are a few Collector Books out there that detail their release, general info plus a price guide about each particular model etc. I have the Fourth Edition titled Breyer Animal Collector's Guide and it is great for any collector.

My favourites would have to be all of the Indian Horses, they are just breath-taking to look at!

Go to the official Breyer website to find out more www . breyer horses . com

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