Briefs and Other Mens Underwear

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Men's underwear come in a wide range of designs, forms and varieties. Probably the most common type of men's underwear are briefs.
Undergarments are an essential part of a person's life whether it is a man or a woman. The more comfortable and relaxed you feel in your undergarment, the more relaxed you will feel overall. They should be chosen on the amount of comfort they provide to you since you do not want an underwear in which you feel restricted, or overly loose. It should be of such a shape and design that completely fits you. The fabric should be such that it doesn't irritate your skin. Whether you are buying an underwear for day to day use or for swimwear, you have to keep all these things in mind. 
Men's underwear come in a variety of styles and designs. The most common type of underwear are the briefs. These are liked by a large number of men because of the tight and firm support they provide to genital organs. These type of men's underwear are especially liked by people who are athletes or who do a lot of physical activities. 
Briefs are basically a type of underwear which do not extend towards the leg but ends from the place where a man's thighs start. At the above part, they can extend up till the navel or be shorter. Depending on how far above they extend, they can be divided into three categories:
High Rise - in this case, the upper part of the underwear extends till the navel.
Mid Rise - in mid rise, the underwear starts from just under the belly
Low Rise - low rise briefs are quite low which may even reveal the upper part of buttocks.
Briefs are usually designed in such a way that they either have a fly opening at the front or they don't. The fly opening is basically provided for ease at the urinals. The fly opening can also be of different shapes such as a straight line fly which runs from left to right or top to bottom, or it could be the more common Y front fly. In this case, the fly is 'Y' shaped, thus its name. They also have extended crotch area which is seamed accordingly to provide comfort and support together. 
Briefs are a type of men's underwear that is available in not only in casual styles but also for swimming. In that case, the fabric of underwear is of nylon, spandex or other water proof material. 
Briefs are also known as jockeys or jocks in some countries. A variation of briefs is the boxer briefs. These are similar with respect to being tight and supportive but differ in that boxer briefs have extended legs which also cover the leg tightly. These are especially useful for athletes and runners since it covers part of legs too as well as providing firm support.

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