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Free broadband demonstration in your own home or office? Sounds like a good old-fashioned service? Well it is, and it's pretty essential nowadays as the world takes on broadband at an incredible pace. Broadband can change our lives, but there's a lot to know, and there's a lot to avoid! Firstly, contracts can hold you back and lock you into doing things that you could avoid. With VOIP becoming so vital to our phone cost savings, you'll want the freedom of getting rid of phone lines and access charges. You'll also want a good value broadband deal that does not have excess usage charges which can be horrendous. Further, you want the freedom to move your modem around, especially if you are a renter. All of these valuable considerations are hard to appreciate in the myriad of advertsing deals - but be happy that you can get free advice, and what's more you can have someone visit your home and show you how to avoid the trappings and also get broadband delivered instantly if you have coverage from unwired's network. Try these things before you lock in, and look for a money back guarantee. In my view it's better to buy proven goods, especially with the internet, and broadband2go can get you the peace of mind you need when taking the web on. Free demonstrations of unwired are available in sydney simply by calling 1300 552 526 and we'll help you get the best from ebay too, as we will be selling our stock via eBay combined with this great service and assistance


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