Bromeliad, Buying Quality Plants on eBay

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Ebay is a great place to shop for these wonderful and increasingly popular plants. However like with anything there can be pitfalls in choosing the best product, especially for those who are unfamiliar and new to these fantastic easy care rewarding plants. Offered are a vast endless selection of Bromeliads and with careful selection you can fill your world with top quality value plants that ideally suit any budget. If you are new to growing Bromeliads, it is wise to choose a seller that can give you helpful advice on growing. it is good to check with the seller the size and age of the plant in relation to the cost. There are some truly great plants out there but do choose wisely as the cheapest may not always be the best. Ensure the plant of pup you are buying is correctly labelled and is in fact the same plant as shown in the main photo. Photos from the sellers own collection can often be useful to help one judge the quality and expertise of the seller. Although most Bromeliads are very forgiving and relatively easy to grow, a small long leggy overly green pup or plant can often take a very long time to grow and need extra care in growing. Strong healthy well grown plants with nice shape can grow up in less than half the time. Be sure you really get what you pay for and not just pay for whatever you get. In no time you will be rewarded with a wonderful colorful garden of envy. Enjoy. Happy Growing
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