Bug Costume Buying Guide

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Bug Costume Buying Guide

Someone in a bug costume can quickly become the centre of attention in all sorts of places such as dress up parties, hen nights, fancy dress balls, or even the shopping mall. Although costume hire shops stock a wide range of dress themes, a customer can purchase a costume on eBay for much the same or less expense than weekend hire. This online market has many types of bug costumes to choose from for both adults and children. Buyers can browse the listings individually or use filter search options to find their item. Customers should consider whether they intend using the costume for a once-only event, or periodically over several years. This is where the choice of product quality may be critical.

Types of Bug Costumes

Party dress manufacturers make costumes of creatures typically represented in popular fiction. These may include references to nursery rhymes or other children's stories, or even from characters in science fiction, fantasy, or animated movies. Popular bug costumes represent a variety of insects such as ladybugs, beetles, bumblebees, or dragonflies.

Bug costumes made for men, women, and children tend to differ in style according to stereotypical assumptions about taste. For example, bug costumes for young boys and girls are often furry and cute. Adult female bug costumes tend to focus on creating a sexy image. They normally represent bugs commonly considered appealing, such as ladybugs and butterflies. Men's bug costumes, on the other hand, generally revolve around creatures often considered pests, such as spiders, cockroaches, or flies.

Bug Costumes for Children

Children's bug costumes tend to be more unisex than those made for adults, although gender specific designs still make up a significant part of the market. The various themes provide customers with the ideal costume for children's parties or school holiday breakups.


Boys bug costumes typically centre on halloween or other scary themes. Costume type varies somewhat with age. Many younger boys prefer spiders, with alien bugs popular among older boys.


Girls bug costumes come in a more extensive range than those for boys. The most popular bug costumes for girls involve various interpretations of the Ladybug and Bumblebee.

Bug Costumes for Adults

Adult bug costumes generally have a different design focus than those made for children. However, there is often a much greater similarity between boys' and mens' costumes than between girls' and womens' costumes. This is largely due to the adult female stereotype of sex appeal, whereas the focus in male bug costumes is on the comic aspect of dressing up in their chosen theme.


Men's bug costumes can be very amusing but their range is limited. Comprising spiders, cockroaches, and flies, these costumes are mostly of a similar quality and usually made from polyester. They tend to be oversized which can take away some of the sizing concerns.


Women's bug costumes include different design themes to those of men's costumes. Women's costumes tend towards a close fitment and typically resemble street clothing with wings. They also vary more in quality and materials. Polyester and cotton is normative, but latex is also commonly used, especially for halloween themes.

Fitting the Bug Costume

It is imperative that buyers know their size before they order clothing items online. Costume manufacturers size their clothing simply, but a buyer's regular clothing size remains indicative of their costume size.

The below men's sizing chart may help buyers choose their correct size when ordering their garment from eBay. If a customer is unsure of their size they should take their measurements before they order.

Men's sizes







76 to 81

87 to 92

97 to 102

107 to 112

117 to 122


61 to 66

71 to 76

81 to 87

92 to 97

107 to 112


79 to 84

89 to 94

99 to 104

109 to 114

119 to 124


33 to 34.5

35.5 to 37

38 to 39.5

40.5 to 42

43 to 44.5

Women's sizes follow the same principle, and shoppers should endeavour to use their regular clothing sizes as a guide. If in doubt about a particular size, a customer should choose one size larger than their regular size.

Women's sizes

6 to 8

10 to 12

14 to 16

18 to 20

22 to 24


78 to 80

83 to 87

92 to 97

102 to 107

112 to 117


58 to 61

64 to 67

71 to 76

81 to 87

94 to 99


83 to 85

88 to 92

97 to 102

107 to 112

117 to 122

The chart below lists children's costume sizes for boys and girls. There may be considerable sizing variables in children's costume sizes.

Children's sizes

2 to 3

4 to 5

6 to 7

8 to 10

12 to 14


53 to 56

58 to 61

64 to 66

69 to 73

76 to 81


51 to 52

53 to 55

55 to 58

60 to 62

65 to 67


61 to 64

66 to 69

71 to 76

81 to 87

Customers who wish to purchase any bug costumes online should consult their regular measurements. They should also remember that it is possible to experience small discrepancies between costume sizing and the sizes they wear in regular clothing.

How to Buy

On deciding to buy your costume on eBay, conduct a product specific or general search such as "children's bug costumes". Also check eBay Deals for additional options. Locate items that interest you and make comparisons between listings so that you get the best deal. Take note of all product details, including size descriptions and costume materials. Check sellers' returns policies as these may vary, and choose the most cost-effective delivery option. Ensure that your designated seller is genuine. Look at their positive customer feedback score, and only purchase from them if it is above 98 per cent. Better service instills greater customer buying confidence.

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