Building a Greenhouse

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Building a Greenhouse.

To build your own greenhouse you need to make a few decisions to get prepared. But before you start building your own greenhouse, some essential things like location, design, and size are to be considered when choosing to build your own greenhouse.


One important factor to consider in building your greenhouse is where you’re going to build it. Your greenhouse must be built in a site where it will get the full and concentrated sunlight. A greenhouse that stands in full sun will need particularly good ventilation; a shady one, calls for effective heating and so on. It is best to place your greenhouse in a location where there is enough sunlight but some place safe from other outside factors as well.


Another factor to consider when choosing to build a greenhouse and most important of all, is the design. The type of design that a gardener will choose to have is based on his preference on the kind of cultivation he wants to achieve. Moreover, choosing a specific design of a greenhouse should also be patterned according to the size of the backyard or the personal fondness of the gardener. Thus, it is better to know the different types of the greenhouse designs before deciding on a particular structure.

Plan a design that can use standard material sizes, most of which are available in multiples of 4. Use materials that are easily available. You should know your preferences. Attractive greenhouses may be constructed using recycled materials such as re-milled wood, re-purposed doors and window sashes. You greenhouse design should have enough room for tall plants and plants should only use half up to two-thirds of your greenhouse area and the rest is reserved for benches and your work area.


The next thing to consider in building a greenhouse is the size. Sizes vary and some can be custom made according to the specifications of the gardener. One can choose to have a full-sized greenhouse or just go with a small one. Even if a big space is available for a full-sized greenhouse, having a small one may be more practical. If the main purpose of having a greenhouse is to grow only a few plants, germinate seeds, or provide protection during the colder season, having a mini greenhouse is just fine. Also, the cost to maintain small greenhouses are significantly lower than the full-sized ones because of the several factors that need to be maintained.  

Once you’ve made your decision on these things, the next thing you have to consider is the materials you want to use for your greenhouse. When using wood, you can build the greenhouse from cedar, redwood or cypress. Regular wood treated and painted will also do, just make sure that you use wood that is pressure treated for framing, as it is effective and economical. Usually a greenhouse uses “glass-paned”, but polycarbonate plastic, fiberglass, plastic film and acrylic can be also used. Each of these materials has its disadvantages and advantages, so you need to research well to decide on one that is best for you. Using gravel poured up to a few inches deep for your flooring, will permit ample drainage. A flat stone or concrete walkway between seating will provides steady footing.

Building a greenhouse requires things like looking at the budget and doing some work plans to avoid problems with the elements. This structure can prove to be a good investment and yield better results than just doing the traditional gardening. And if one really finds happiness in caring for plants and harvesting a few crops, greenhouse-gardening can definitely offer lifetime enjoyment. So, start building your own greenhouse now and have a great time growing things for business or for pleasure.

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