Bullies in society

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I would like to take this opportunity to give some people my experience in this topic. I was inspired to write about Bullies because my neice-in-law has come up to me, asking for help about what to do against bullies especially in school. School Bullies are the worse of all bulling tatics because whatever bulling happens in school, it is garuanteed to have a long term effect on your child throughout their adult hood lives. So please, PARENTS, dont think that bulling isnt serious and that your child is only whinging because they are not whinging and it is serious and that it is not the part of growing up where you would want your child to learn from their particular bulling experience. Its funny how the government only months ago had ad campaigns to stop bullies in school yet it still hasnt work. Am i the only person who is concerned at the Governments lack of effort to support our children who is, let me remind you all, the future of Australia,'the children is our future'. If we dont put all our efforts into discplining kids and giving them the best that we could, how are we to guarantee that our future isnt going to be bleak and full of Chaos? My point is, with all the ad campaigns in an attempt to stop the bullies in the school society, well than, where is all the money, OUR TAX PAYERS' money, going to? Sure we cant get rid of all the bullies because it is part of our nature. It only happens when one person feels threatened by another and needs a confidence boost or those who are just plain malice and do it for the fun of it. But that just reflects how our society has gone derailed because we make our children depend on technology so much that they find it hard to use their creativity to entertain themselves when they get bored.

I remembered when i went to school, my mother would only send me to a private school because the first primary public school i went to was so bad. The teachers basically have no morals all discipline to teach the children, they only do what they have to do in their job descrip, ie teach and answer questions. They never care about bullies and basically turn a blind eye to it, some public school teachers are that bad that they dont even teach your child literary techniques. Remember the scandel about how most children in school cant read or write? its not the childrens fault, because as a teacher, your suppose to motivate the kids and find different ways to let them accept what they have to learn, not just give up and let them be just because they dont pay attention etc. My fiance 36 went to Glebe public school and he still doesnt know how to read or write because he was one of those kids that cant settle down in class and is the center of attention. Because of that, his teacher would pick on him with spelling bees and not even give him a chance to explain or answer or think, and would just send him to the pricipals office. In the end, the teachers lack of responsibility to teach him properly, made my smart fiance think, well if i go to class to try and learn how to read and write yet this teacher only picks on me straight from the begining of class, then why should i waste my time here?After that he would just always create trouble as soon as the teacher walks in and deliberatly get sent to the principals office. Do you really want your children to learn in an environment like this? Think about it. These are some of the main causes that cause bulling to be overlooked in schools for so long

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