Bumbo Baby Seat

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What is a Bumbo Baby Seat?

The Bumbo Baby Seat is a Revolutionary soft plastic baby seat that can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

It allows babies that can already hold their head but not quite sitting by themselves to be safely placed into the Bumbo Seat. It is endorsed by Pediatricians and Orthopedists as being safe for babies spines.

With its unique design it will allow baby to sit without putting pressure on the spine, and the front prevents baby from sliding forward but
will not press against babies groin due to the raised leg spaces.

For an extra set of hands so you can attend to your other children, or for the peace of mind knowing your baby is kept happy while you are having dinner hot, or even for just five minutes break (it is hard on the body holding baby all day!)...then the Bumbo Baby Seat will give you an extra set of hands.

As a Mother to five boys, and four of them having reflux, the Bumbo Baby seat would of been our answer. Due to reflux preventing baby from laying down comfortably, I was left holding the baby upright for as long as possible. The Bumbo Baby seat would of been perfect for our house.

Imagine having a hot cup of coffee, knowing that Baby is out of harms way (preventing burns) keeping happy sitting close by?

Imagine having a hot dinner for once using both hands to cut your food while baby is sitting close by (on the floor next to you)?

Imagine getting your other children ready for school while baby is sitting happy close by?

Imagine giving your arms and back a break while having baby sitting in the Bumbo seat happily playing?

This and so much more can be achieved with your own Bumbo Seat for your baby.

It can even be taken out and about. To the beach, to the local Cafe for coffee time, to friends houses, to parks and so many other wonderful places.

For Safety Reasons:- Always Remember that NEVER EVER can the Bumbo Seat be used on raised surfaces, as a car seat, in the bath and never leave baby alone in the Bumbo Seat.

For your next set of spare hands, shop the easy way here for your bumbo baby seat.

Happy Mums/Dads Hands Free Time!!

To get your own Bumbo Baby Seat shop with lisas boutique 4 you.


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