Butterfly Facts

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When you think of butterflies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the colourful flutter of wings .... but there is so much more than initially meets the eye :)

Did you know .....

...... that butterfly wings are actually transparent ?

The iridescent scales, which overlap like shingles on a roof, give the wings the colours that we see. Contrary to popular belief, many butterflies can be held gently by their wings without harming them. Some are more fragile than others and are easily damaged if not handled very gently.

Butterflies belong to the order lepidoptera. In Greek, this means scale wings.

that butterflies taste with their feet ?

Their taste sensors are located in their feet and by standing on their food, they cam taste it!

All butterflies have six legs and feet. In some species such as the monarch, the front pair of legs remains tucked up under the body most of the time and are difficult to see.

The butterfly life cycle ....

The transformation of the frequently ugly or bizarre caterpillar into an elegant butterfly - is truly one of the regularly performed miracles of Nature. All butterflies have 'complete metamorphosis.' To grow into an adult they go through four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each stage has a different goal - for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot and adults need to reproduce. the caterpillar and adult butterfly eat different kinds of food, this helps the butterflies to better survive. Depending on the species, the life cycle of the butterfly may take anywhere from one month to an entire year.

Did you know ?

The word butterfly came from the English word Buttorfleoge. Perhaps because, in Mediaeval times, butterflies could be seen hovering around butter churns or that their excrement is yellow in colour.

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