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Australian Made Fountain pens
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Australian Made Fountain pens

Australian made Fountain Pens

All of my Pens are handcrafted are made in Australia on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland
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There are a great variety and styles of pens available.The Fountain pen being the most popular of my pens.
There are other styles such as the Roller Ball Pens. This pen writes very smoothly and  refills are easy to replace.
The "Click" style pen is also popular, with the easy standard "click" action that every one is familiar with.
The bulk of the pens on my eBay store are the Twist action style as they are on my website, aussiepensnthings
My pens are made from high quality timber, some fairly plain and other with high grain figure. I gather the timber from around various sites and collect small pieces from my local wood working club.
If you go to my eBay store or my website you can choose which ever takes your fancy..
I also make my pens in a great variety of high quality polyester resins.
Some are a curious mixture of colours and patterns along with a range of "circuit Board' styles and also some made in Carbon Fibre.
The pen kits I purchase come locally in Australia and also from overseas in the United States.
The variety is endless and when multiplied with the six or seven styles of finishes available I guess I could make near to a thousand pens without duplicating one.
My pens are all hand crafted in my work shop and if ordered you receive a "certificate of Authenticity" with the pen as no wood grain pattern or polyester resin pattern is repeated.

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