Buy mens Underwear available through online shopping

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Various varieties of men's underwear are available online at websites through which you can shop by sitting at your home or going to a nearby shop to buy for yourself or others.
If you want to buy men's underwear, you have two options: you can either buy online through various websites or you can buy from a men's stockist. A stockist is anyone who has a stock of a particular brand of product. Manufacturers supply their products to stockist who then display it in their shops. The profit of selling those products is then shared between the manufacturer and the stockist depending on some agreement between the two parties. A stockist can also order certain product from the manufacturer if he has gone short of it or if he wants to forward such an order from a customer to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then supply that product to the stockist who in turn will sell it to the customer.
Whether you want to buy men's underwear online or through a men's underwear stockist is entirely your own choice. Each has its advantages which the other does not. Shopping online gives you the opportunity to shop for different products and brands at one place without physically going to all the shops. The product will get delivered at your doorstep once you have placed the order. However, the disadvantage of online shopping is that you have to choose something just by viewing its image or description; you cannot actually touch and feel that thing. Some things might look very good on the internet but they might not be so in reality. Another disadvantage is that you cannot try them on and check if they fit you.
In case of buying through a men's stockist, the disadvantage is that you will actually have to go to the shop to get the thing you want. But its advantage is that you are able to view the product by your own eyes in reality. You can touch and feel it and even try it on to see if it suits you or not. You can try on different sizes to find your perfect fit. 
When shopping for men's underwear, you can even choose a channel that takes advantage of both of these types of shopping. You can go through different types of men's underwear on the internet through different website, view the different styles and read their descriptions and customer reviews. Then you can broadly settle on the type of underwear you want. Most of the websites provide addresses of their various stockists. You can look for one that is nearest to you and visit that men's underwear stockist. You can then view all of your short listed underwear at the shop, try them on and finally choose the one you like. Thus, you will be able to get your desired product that you know will look good on you because you have tried it yourself!
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